A long-term commitment to neighborhoods

Pitt is making a minimum 15-year commitment of infrastructure, staffing, and coordination in neighborhoods.

Shaped and led by a network of collaborators

Networks of leaders, residents, faculty, staff, and students collaborate to power these commitments.

Grounded by a front door to Pitt in the neighborhood

Community Engagement Centers (CECs) are welcoming spaces that create a front door to Pitt in neighborhoods.

How we're doing it   >>

Where we're partnering

What can we do together?

Here are some examples.

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Build Capacity

Through support for local entrepreneurs, class projects that enhance community organizations’ work, and various professional development programs we can build business and organizational capacity.

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Improve Residents' Quality of Life

By offering health and wellness services, links to employment, family-support programs, technology assistance, and opportunities to get involved with the arts, we can be a strong partner and asset.

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Conduct Better Research

Through more intentional community engagement and better coordination between projects, more of our urban research can be applied at the neighborhood level and lead to impact relevant to the community.

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Support Young People

Through STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) programs, tutoring and mentoring, involvement in Pittsburgh Public Schools, and partnering with out-of-school-time organizations, we can help young neighbors learn and grow.

We want to engage because it provides opportunities for our students to gain valuable experience, enhances our researchers’ work, and gives us the opportunity to put our mission into action within the community