photo: Clyde Allen Harris

Your front door to Pitt in the Hill District

The Hill District is the center of the city. A historic community at the crossroads of Pittsburgh’s past and future. Pitt’s commitment to the Hill District is rooted in the space the University and the neighborhood share in the center of the city. Together, we’re building bridges of exchange and opportunity.

Ongoing Programs

The CEC in the Hill District will be your go-to community resource for help starting a small business, parenting assistance, finding afterschool options for kids, and more. Follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date.

Events at the CEC

The Hill District CEC will host events and opportunities for and by community members. Job fairs, cultural events, workshops, business clinics, discussion groups, and more. Like us on Facebook to stay connected.

Staff & Collaborators

A network of community collaborators powers Pitt's commitment to the Hill District. Meet the full-time Pitt staff and neighborhood advisory council working together to put plans into practice.

Updates from the Director

Hill District CEC Kirk Holbrook shares news from the neighborhood. Stay up to date on how Pitt is engaging with the community.