ACTIVELY BEING YOUR Front Door to the University of Pittsburgh in Homewood

Homewood is known for its resiliency and for its ability to grow, to establish, to build, and to create. Homewood is a community with a deeply rooted history of wealth and we are witnessing the shift taking place as Homewood is again building and establishing commUNITY wealth, commUNITY resources, and building on OUR LEGACY!!!

The University of Pittsburgh’s commitment to Homewood is one that builds on the already existing partnerships and collaborations in the community; allowing for the University to join as a collaborator, network, resource, and support in the work being done and the work that is to come.




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ACTIVELY BEING a FRONT DOOR to the University of Pittsburgh and the commUNITIES we SERVE!

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Meet the CEC Director, Staff, and our University and Community Collaborators who work from the CEC bridging the University and the commUNITY

Events at the CEC in Homewood

The commUNITY Engagement Center in Homewood is INTENTIONAL in BUILDING sustainable collaborations, while ACTIVELY be a bridge to the University of Pittsburgh; providing resources, research, and strong partnerships along-side the work being done in our commUNITIES.

Spaces & Places

The CEC facilities in Homewood create space to connect and make big things happen together. Classroms, conference rooms, a computer lab, wellness center, and more resources are available.

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