mural: Kyle Holbrook

Your front door to Pitt in Homewood

Homewood is the heart of Pittsburgh's East End. A neighborhood of deep roots, strong family ties, and a common bond based on decades of shared efforts to renew. Pitt's commitment to Homewood builds on a history of partnership between the University and a network of community collaborators. Together, we're building a sustainable foundation for the community's future.

Ongoing Programs

From lifelong learning to legal assistance, there's not much you can't do at the CEC in Homewood. A full listing of no cost and low cost programs for children, adults, seniors, and families is coming soon!

Events at the CEC

The CEC in Homewood hosts events and opportunities for and by community members. Job fairs, cultural events, workshops, discussion groups, and more. Full calendar coming soon!

Staff & Collaborators

A network of community collaborators powers Pitt's commitment in Homewood. Meet the full-time Pitt staff and neighborhood advisory council working together to put plans into practice.

Spaces & Places

The CEC facilities in Homewood create space to connect and make big things happen together. Classroms, conference rooms, a computer lab, wellness center, and more resources are available.